Mae Jemison Facts – A Woman of Greatness

Mae C. Jemison is dubbed to be the very first female to become an astronaut. She is an African-American who got to flew in the space way back year 1992. She did this with the space board named Endeavor. Since then, she was called the first woman to ever step in the space. This is always included in most Mae Jemison facts and it is not that surprising, really.


Jemison was born on the 17th of October, 1956. This happened in Alabama, in Decatur. She was admitted in an astronaut training program on June 4, 1987. She was the very first woman to ever had that accomplishment. And then, on the 12th of September, 1992, she got to take off in the space. She did this with the presence of six other astronauts. This occurs in Endeavour and it was during their STS47 mission. Her attainments and accomplishments have been recognized. Several awards were received by him. There are even honorary doctorates under her name. All of these and more prove her capacity as an astronaut.

Mae Jemison is also a physician in profession. She is the youngest in the family, namely of her parent Charlie Jemison. Her father is a carpenter and a roofer. Her mother, on the other hand, named Dorothy Jemison works as an elementary school teacher. As for her sister, whose name is Ada Jemison Bullock, is a child psychiatrist. On the other hand, Charles Jemison, her brother, is a broker. There was a time when their family has to move in to Chicago, Illinois. This took place when Jemison was only three years old. They did this because they want to take advantage of better and even high educational opportunities present. That is the reason why the city is called her hometown.

During her early years in school, the parents of Jemison were really encouraging and supportive of her and her undertakings in life. They are aware of her talents and even abilities as a person. Jemison knew this and that is the reason why she was known for being a resident of their school library. She would spend most of her time there, reading about various aspects of science. This is true most especially as far as Astronomy is concerned. When she was still studying in Morgan Park High School, she turned out to be convinced that she really want to take a career in engineering, biomedical engineering to be more precise. It was then when she graduated in the year 1973. She did this with flying colors. She then entered and was admitted to Stanford University. She was under the scholarship of National Achievement Scholarship.

Prior to pursuing her known endeavors in life, she got to be involved in extracurricular activities, just there, in Stanford. This included theater productions and dance. The was also the head of the so called Black Student Union. She then, was able to receive her degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. This was obtained from the said university in the year 1977.