Fat Burning Fingerprint Review *Read Before Buying* (Feb. 2020)

Let us talk Fat Burning Fingerprint Big Book Review

As many of us pass the age of 30 we may have noticed a few changes. Our ability to lose weight seems that much harder. In this Fat Burning Fingerprint – Big Book Review, I will look at the facts and fiction of the claims made.

Gary Watson developed the program. He recognized that with the correct diet program people aged 30 and upwards can still successfully lose weight. Regardless of a metabolism that is slowing down year after year.

Gary Watson claims it is a very simple diet that can be taken on by anyone who wants to slim down and see results. There is no extended dieting and cutting out carbohydrates. A workout program will give you results.

This diet program works on the assumption that your body clears oxidants and different rates making it difficult for some to achieve their weight loss goals.

I am over 50 will Fat Burning Fingerprint-Big Book work for me?

Yes, it will work for anyone who follows the diet to the letter. Gary Watson says he will teach you how to eat the meals you want enabling you to enjoy your food. This with a complete program should keep you focused and motivated providing the results you desire. He also claims your hormones will become balanced, providing you with a sense of stability and well-being.

In the first week, it stated you would lose 7 pounds. This will boost your self-esteem. All this can be achieved by sticking to a simple plan. The plan will provide you with nutritious tasty food.

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Metabolic malfunction is considered the main reason for not shedding the pounds when you reach that tender age of 30. Metabolic malfunction is a symptom of wrong diet. Not eating the correct food will cause your metabolism to shut down; even if you starve yourself your weight will remain the same. Of course, your body thinks it is starving so it holds on to as many calories as possible.

Your seven fat burning hormones will kick into gear making weight loss a whole lot easier.

So what is Fat Burning Fingerprint – Big Book really about?

The author, Gary Watson claims that your unique fingerprint contains the key to your success when it comes to losing weight. He also claims that the dieting industry has been keeping this a secret for many years!

Allegedly, his sister needed to lose significant weight. When he unveiled the secrets behind her fingerprints and she started the diet without strenuous exercise she saw results.

One main feature to the diet that seems to have more relevance than your fingerprints is that Gary Watson recommends some fat destroying fruits. These fruits should be eaten an hour before going to bed.

The author claims that eating the fruits before bed will help the fat to break down body fat. The chemical contained in this fruit, oleic acid, is known for its benefits and supports fat burning.

Gary Watson claims that most households have a fruit in their kitchen that will actually cause you to gain fat. I know it is hard to believe, as most people seem to think that fruit has so many health benefits through the vitamins they contain, however, not Gary Watson.

In this Fat Burning Fingerprint – Big Book Review, we are looking at the validity of some astonishing claims! How can the swirls on your fingerprints claim to have any benefit to weight loss?

Therefore, what are these secrets behind Fat Burning Fingerprint – Big Book?

Well, I cannot really go into the ins and outs of how the fingerprint reveals what diet is best to use for your individual body type. There is some sound dietary advice and I would agree by eating fruit before bed could assist in fat burning.

For breakfast, you will take apple juice and drink green tea. Finally, it sounds as if there may be something to this diet.

Basically, the diet program is based on common sense eating plan packed with nutrients keeping you healthy and the same time reducing your weight.

There is also a 3-minute exercise program to be completed daily. The number of minutes sounds a very reasonable amount of time to achieve weight loss.


  • Claims of a 7 pound weight loss in 7 days
  • Nutrient packed diet plan
  • Focuses on different body types
  • Can be used by anyone
  • No pills
  • Balances the hormones

On the surface, the Fat Burning Fingerprint could have some merits.


  • You need to follow the instructions closely
  • The diet is digital and needs to be downloaded
  • Cannot buy from book shops
  • If you do not follow the instruction, you will not see results.
  • Complicates weight loss

As with every diet plan there are negative reviews and some state it is a waste of money. However, try to disregard this everyone has an opinion!

Where can I buy Fat Burning Fingerprint – Big Book?

The book is in digital format so you need to download it. You can purchase from www.amazon.com www.ebooks.com and a selected number of other websites.

The eBook costs $37.

All major credit cards accepted and a secure payment system is in place for your security.

The eBook also has a 60 days money back guarantee.


This Fat Burning Fingerprint – Big Book review has given you fair and honest information.

It is my opinion that the title of the book gives it a whacky feel. I do not subscribe to the fact that your fingerprints have the slightest control over your body’s weight. Furthermore, I do not think they contain any secret to losing weight when you are over the age of 30.

If you can follow instruction, embrace a diet packed with micronutrients, and complete a limited exercise plan daily, then this diet could be for you. However, so could many other diets offering the same thing.

The diet program has many YouTube views. It is certainly causing a stir. So check it out and lose those unwanted pounds.

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