Herpes Blitz Protocol Review *Read Before Buying* (Feb. 2020)

Herpes Blitz Protocol Review A Solution to Herpes

Herpes is quite an embarrassing disease to catch, not to mention the fact that it’s acquired through various sexual reasons, with the simplest being kissing. Although it can last up to a month, there are several home remedies to make it less painful, or make the whole experience much more tolerable.

Towards the high-end side of things, there are medications for herpes. However, they don’t really cure the virus. They only put it to sleep for a few weeks or months before eventually coming back. Yikes. So far, there is no known cure for the said virus. Which is why we will be having this Herpes Blitz Protocol Review to talk about its contents.

What is the Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Herpes Blitz Protocol is more or less a guidebook on how to treat herpes, a supposedly better alternative to the expensive medications out in the market. This Herpes Blitz Protocol Review talks about the interesting line of remedies inside the guidebook that can be easily found in the market and is said to be clinically proven to have good effects.

It is meant to fit into one’s lifestyle, something that can be easily implemented like exercising on your way to wellness or so. The program also contains a glimpse of what it would feel like to be living with the virus, and delving deeper into what it is and erasing common misconceptions about it.

The Source of the Methods Behind the Program

The program is said to be effective in treating herpes in a few weeks at most by three ingredients that have been used by the people of Morocco for hundreds of years. According to the author, Josh Parker, these ingredients can be easily found in the market and are meant to be delicious options for people with the virus. They are also said to be easy in the pockets. The author claims to have “come across” the ingredients as if he had stumbled upon them, during his quest to find a treatment for Herpes.

Aside from this, the author says that it is also meant to be something that the victims can do without doing drastic changes in their lifestyle. It is supposedly a comfortable addition to their everyday lives. By providing a program that uses home remedies and readily available ingredients in the market, users can avoid the complications of finding treatments for the virus, and at the same time not spend too much money on other methods.

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The Natural Ingredients

The author wanted to make sure that the ingredients used in the Herpes Blitz Protocol would be safe and natural. In this sense, the three ingredients are often found in health products, but never in combination. The ingredients said to be able to combat herpes are quercetin, resveratrol and curcumin. They were chosen not only for their harmless properties, but also because they were said to provide efficient outcomes for the consumers of the said ingredients.

Clinically Proven to be Effective

These ingredients have been tested and were found to fight viruses ten times better than other medications out in the market. They have been clinically tested several times to assure its efficiency. With the quality of these ingredients coupled by a proper lifestyle, it can help people battling with herpes.

The Phases of Herpes Blitz Protocol by Josh Parker

There are two main phases to the Herpes Blitz Protocol that Josh Parker elaborated in his guidebook.

  • Phase 1: The Search Phase. This is the first phase to the protocol where the users must take upon a 7-day smoothie that is meant to block a protein called LSD-protein. This is responsible for spreading the virus (herpes) and by blocking it, they may ensure a healthier body and a better condition for their situation. The protocol ensures that you only have to drink one smoothie per day, and not only does it treat herpes, but also improves your heart, energy levels and brain health.
  • Phase 2: The Destroy Phase. The users have to undergo a 21-day protocol that is meant to work the immune system to execute its functions better. This is so that the users can protect themselves from the spread of herpes and other viruses.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to follow
  • The ingredients are available in the marker
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle and proper exercise
  • Improves other aspects of the human body

The protocol is intended to be easy and user-friendly. So as long as you follow the step-by-step procedures and read what is written inside the program, you should be able to see its effects in just a week or so. It is also important to note that it is fairly inexpensive compared to other medications such as Famvir and Voltrex. Compared to the other two, it not only puts the virus to sleep, but is supposedly meant to heal the virus completely.

One of its goals is to also promote a healthier lifestyle alongside the treatment. This way, it gives more than one benefit to the user. It is meant to be a go-to solution to those with the virus, and is not meant to be taken for a long duration. The protocol has specific instructions on how to conduct every phase as said before. This was done with the intention that the reader itself could do it on his or her own, without asking for professional help, as some are too embarrassed to visit the hospital.

Although some remain skeptical about the liability of the protocol, it is to be reminded that it had undergone various research studies by individuals determined to create a cure for herpes. Those who decide to purchase the product may ask for a full refund after a month when it is deemed ineffective, but other than that, it is readily available for everyone who wishes to try it.

Final Conclusion

All in all, it is budget-friendly, user-friendly, and readily available in the market. Even the ingredients itself are not that hard to find in your local grocery store. Herpes Blitz Protocol was made to be a better alternative than the expensive drugs out there, wherein some cases, these drugs have been proven ineffective by users and have only caused nothing but a hole in their pockets. This is all that I have gathered from other people who have tried the product out and I have summarized most of it in this Herpes Blitz Protocol Review.

Herpes is a virus that has long been haunting the bodies of the affected, with no known cure and a long-term stay in one’s body. Many have died to the virus, while some continue to fight it. Herpes Blitz Protocol is for everyone to try and get another shot at life, without costing too much of many things.

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