Tinnitus 911 Review *Read Before Buying* (Feb. 2020)

Tinnitus 911 Review Is it legit or just another scam

Tinnitus is the perception of a sound, more of a ringing, in the ear. It is a common problem which affects about 1 out of 5 people. There is no real treatment for this not until Tinnitus 911 claims that this product can.

So, is it legit or is it a scam? Go ahead and read my Tinnitus 911 review.

Tinnitus: The annoying ring in the ear

Tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying condition which may later on develop to hearing loss. It is a perceived sound on either one or both ears.

Most of the time, you may hear a ringing in the ear when there is no actual noise in the surrounding. It can also be a buzz, hizz or whizz, ranging from a soft to a loud noise at night. It may be constantly present or may come and go.

It may be caused by several factors such as age, loud noise exposure like listening to loud music via headphones, common ailments such as anemia, allergies, increased blood pressure etc.

What is Tinnitus 911?

This product is created on August 2017 by Charlie Gaines. Charlie Gaines confessed that he did suffer from Tinnitus in such a way that it disrupts his relationship towards his family.

Tinnitus 911 claims that the ringing sound is not about your ears but rather it is due to a disrupted nerve ending connected to the brain. They say that this finding is backed up by research. So I say, where is the research fellas??

This product promises to get rid of the ringing by just taking their pill on a daily basis. In just 3 weeks, you can improve your hearing, memory and speed of thoughts and your brain will be at its finest.

According to their website, if you are able to finish 4 of their bottles, your brain will be immune to all mental illness such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and brain tumor. Isn’t that amazing?

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Charlie Gaines: Does he exist?

Nope. Na-ah. He is a fictional character for this new scam story.

On their website, you will see a video where this so called Charlie Gaines tells us the sad story about him and his child. (The nerve to use a child to gain money!) As the video plays, you will only see pictures of him, which I bet are no less than stock photos.

He also claims that Big Pharma is making money out of Tinnitus pills. Wow. Bad mouthing your competitor huh.

Furthermore, he mentions Dr Edmond Healy, an ultra-secret Government agent. Dr Healy, along with other geniuses in this ultra-secret government agency, apparently created a formula to increase the IQ of astronauts and also prevent tinnitus.

So I took the time to research about Dr Edmond Healy and guess what. Right, no information about him. Is it because he is an ultra-secret government agent or simply because he does not exist? Hmmm..

Who sells Tinnitus 911?

It’s not really Charles Gaines who sells this crap but rather a company named PhytAge Labs. Primarily, they focus on anti-aging supplements. This company sells a lot of stuff that can help each part of your body.

PhytAge has an F rating from the BBB or Better Business Bureau. They have been covering their tracks from then on. Their return address ends up to for a different business, ShipOffers. The business itself is located in Colorado according to their website but as I go on a little further, PhytAge is a registered corporation in Florida, not Colorado.

Yep, confusing addresses. *sigh

PhytAge offers a 60 day guarantee plus an additional $100 if you are not satisfied with the result, but still I don’t recommend risking $69.95 for it. Their address changes from time to time. So where would you ship back the pills then?

Almost like Quiet Mind Plus

Quiet Mind Plus is another product that promises the same thing. The characters in their backstory may not be the same but the claims of both products are exactly the same.

Both backstories say that one of the characters almost committed suicide. Coincidence? Or just another copycat?

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C’mon! Everyone can create a testimonial! Even other Tinnitus 911 Reviews find these testimonials as a joke. Here, let me share to you some things about these testimonies.

Photos were all stock photos from Masterfile and Getty image. One photo, the one named ‘Ronald’ is a stock photo that has been used by various scammers.

Here’s what’s true:

“I have an order from these people and when I tried to return it the Post Office returned it stating wrong address, yet is was one that you mentioned, When I looked it up on the internet and sent it to the second address as you mentioned ,it was sent back again. I have sent it to the third address but I doubt it will ever reach the real company. Today I received a box with a whole new order, that I did not order and with a different return address. Got any ideas on what I should do now?? I am  retired Marine and I would go to CO if I thought they would be there and explain MY WAY why I should get my money back but if they were there and said no I would probably go to jail. But thanks for your research and ANY info you can give me.” – Bob Lang

This is a feedback from a customer on their official website though PhytAge claims that they are just responsible for the distribution and not responsible for the product itself.

Final Thoughts

Tinnitus 911 is too good to be true and yes, it is a scam. It is always better to seek for professional opinion prior to taking any drugs.

If this Tinnitus 911 review is not enough to stop you from purchasing the product, please consider these words from PhytAge Labs.

“These testimonials have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products are not meant for diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing any disease.”

If you made a mistake and purchased Tinnitus 911, you may file a complaint with the aid of this link https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/chargeback-dispute-charge-purchase.php